Chugging along

2 thoughts on “Chugging along”

  1. I chuckled a little too hard at the graph legends advice.
    Also how are those roses still looking so nice?! Shouldn’t they be all wilted and depressed by now?
    The hospital trip sounds a bit scary – hope all’s fine.
    Also, I always assumed there was a limit to the length your leg hair would grow to (given we had them most of our teenage years). But apparently, they’re capable of growing past the limit, and getting longer and longer (Filed under weird lockdown learnings).


    1. The roses are truly shocking. I’ve now started noticing roses on plants that wilt and die but this bunch has just frozen completely.

      Ugh, body hair is one thing I’d like to just wish away forever. Or better still, people should stop noticing and making a big deal out of it.


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