Making sense

This is a topic I haven’t found enough information about online. I am convinced no human thought or feeling is unique to an individual – everything has been considered by someone before us who’s also bothered to document it online. I’ll except the genius brainwaves, but those are rare. This is about endorphins making you … Continue reading Making sense

Tree, family

The street I live on is lined with large, Plane trees that are deciduous in nature. They are a constant reminder of London’s four seasons, and for me, personally, a way of attuning my mind to what’s coming next. They personify the lyrical concepts of a joyous spring and a maturing autumn sun; the lively … Continue reading Tree, family


Ruhi recently visited Mumbai and brought back alphonso mangoes for her friends. I got three. I had the first one on Sunday night. The next one on Monday. I thought I’d give Tuesday a break, and have the last one on Wednesday night before leaving home for a four-day holiday. But I forgot about it … Continue reading Summer


My recent trip to India got me thinking about mainstreaming. It began with the hardcore, pendu Punjabi songs which have spread like an epidemic. I wonder how and when people in Delhi became so Punjabi that they started listening to songs that are hard to understand and don’t even sound good. I thought it was … Continue reading Mainstreaming