No Updates

The fall internship is due in a month’s time. Somebody damn the systems (or the lack of them) because I still do not know where I will be going. And I am f r e a k i n g out! I know it is the beginning of the horror called final placements, but it … Continue reading No Updates

All the latest updates

I wonder why people think it is ‘cool’ to not do the work they should/are expected to do. How does evading work become ‘working smartly’? Or is it that I fall in the category of ‘idiots’ who actually take on the responsibility of getting the work done? I really wonder. What I think is being … Continue reading All the latest updates

Back Off!

It does not necessarily have to be true that I’m the only confused person around. Some doctors are too. No offense, they’re well qualified and all of that, but how am I to lose weight if I am telling you that I cannot even walk? I’m asking for a cure for the problem that’s causing … Continue reading Back Off!