Back Off!

4 thoughts on “Back Off!”

  1. Yes, getting MRIs is a weird feeling but kinda cool after it’s done šŸ™‚ Take care and hope you feel much better soon… whatever’s happened to you vaise?And good luck!


  2. heyrandomly came across your blog, i really like the way you write. but what i find really interesting is the stuff i have in common with you1. i am a girl2. am an economics student(xaviers, bombay)3. a disillusioned IMS student4. had my first failed attempt at CAT and the rest of the bunch5. LOVE the khoya khoya chand song


  3. DKThank you. šŸ™‚AmiyaYeah, I was so proud of myself after it was over. Some space has gotten compressed between two of my vertebrae and so there’s a nerve that is getting pressed and I’m also at a risk of slip(ped) disc.Thanks hai waise. šŸ™‚AnushreeHey!Thanks for the comment and for dropping by. šŸ™‚


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