I have decided to take on the most trying of all challenges I have faced in my few (long enough) years of being around. I think it will be harder than getting over men I have loved. I do not want to imagine that in detail yet ‘coz it is a highly discouraging thought. But … Continue reading Force

New Rule Adopted*

I think I would have had a breakdown if this evening had come before this job did; I would thus not have been able to write about faith in the previous post. The fourth fracture that evens out the plaster balance of both feet. *Never ever to take stairs again. Anywhere in the world. Even … Continue reading New Rule Adopted*

The painful knee

So I am officially fucked out of my mind with doctors whose opinions about one thing vary like that of politicians. I folded my leg after one light year yesterday and it hurt like a bitch. But what am I to do about it anyway! 21st century is to be blamed! Nobody did me any … Continue reading The painful knee

The Peepli Weekend

This was a long weekend. Mostly nice. On Thursday, I got the mind-numbingly expensive knee support that the latest doctor prescribed. It is my last hope to save the surgery. It helps me walk. Almost as much as I want to. So, on Friday afternoon I set out for a shopping bonanza to test it. … Continue reading The Peepli Weekend