The Peepli Weekend

5 thoughts on “The Peepli Weekend”

  1. :)Good to know that the brace is helping. (Looks like you have an ACL injury???)And you went shopping! Yay! Bags, yes! I got an advance b'day present from my sis-in-law my lil nephew…a purplish-lilac Nine West bag!:D @ perks of injury! Hehehehe!


  2. ACL.. hmm… I read about it. The main symptom does not match. Dunno! Yay! for the bags. :DWhen's your birthday?And well, yes, hot guys are scarce property now. So. πŸ˜›


  3. Shit! The PMs speech!! I knew I missed something this independence day, I knew 26th Jan has its parade, but was wondering what happens on 15th august. Going by what your saying, probably didn't miss much. And the awesomeness of peepli live lies in the fact that it thankfully didn't have any of our 'superstars' to make a mess out of its script!p.s: Read somewhere that Aamir khan was to originally play Natha. Seeing a super fair, six pack sporting farmer would have no doubt caused a few more farmer suicides.


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