Chashme ke bina nahi dikh raha. “Familiarity breeds contempt.” “In the long run we are all dead.” I had forgotten your smell. They never need to see me or talk to me to know that I am happy.  Sooner or later loose ends do get tied up. Just when I was beginning to feel that … Continue reading Offload!

The Winter Trip to Kumaon

Continuing from where I left, I was on a very tight seven-day road trip on the following route. Delhi>Bilaspur>Rudrapur>Nainital>Sitla>Mukteshwar>Almora>Patal Devi>Kasar Devi>Chitai>Jageshwar>Almora>Kasar Devi>Kausani>Mohlidhar>Ranikhet>Kathgodam>Delhi So while I was working, the little and the lot that I experienced and managed to absorb (cannot claim to explore at all) would be the following. # Sitting in the front seat … Continue reading The Winter Trip to Kumaon

The Peepli Weekend

This was a long weekend. Mostly nice. On Thursday, I got the mind-numbingly expensive knee support that the latest doctor prescribed. It is my last hope to save the surgery. It helps me walk. Almost as much as I want to. So, on Friday afternoon I set out for a shopping bonanza to test it. … Continue reading The Peepli Weekend


In these days of bearing a dead mind, I recently spared a thought for the zillions thoughts I have expressed on this blog. How with each passing year they have probably matured. At least in my head they did. And how with each passing year, the devils started sticking closer to me and my mind. … Continue reading Randomised