Dot of Happiness

I love my blog. I love me. I love the world. I love travelling. I love my blog. I love my past. I love (I know I will) the future. I love music. I love dancing. I love my blog. I love photography. I love winters. I love beaches. I love colours. I love my … Continue reading Dot of Happiness


This blog is 3.5 years old and I have 1360 Fuchsia comments archived in my Gmail. Whereas my old blog, which did not even live 1.5 years, has 1479 archived comments. Now I do remember that I used to blog like a maniac back then, but this is not possible. Ah! Got it. In 2005-06, … Continue reading Jobless

Temme Temme!

Tell me how the blog looks. From the time when I used to change the template every two months or so, this one’s come after about three years. I am liking it. Tell me what you think about it. Of course, keeping in mind the Fuchsia context. 🙂 Continue reading Temme Temme!


Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between real and surreal. There is a conflict between what you want to believe and what you should believe. Dr. V.V.R. Sastry taught us marketing in semester I and II. In the third semester he is taking brand management classes. Unfortunately, it is not the entire 30 hours of … Continue reading GO(o)Dness!


I had always disliked the idea of having a dark background for my blog. It never appealed to me. Made things rather dull for me. So I refrained from using it. Then I read on someone’s blog that since people complain a lot about the dark background of his blog, he wrote a post on … Continue reading Blur