12 thoughts on “Blur”

  1. i dont think having dark background will put strain on reading…..wat puts strain is stupid color combinations that most of the people use with dark bcg….just keep it simple and good light pastel shades will dark bckgd will do the trick…….


  2. Try highlighting the text the next time you’re on such a blog. Er.Funny, but so true. I have an issue with bright background ones. And at times people manage those really bright ones that I have to tone down the brightness of the monitor. Sigh.


  3. B.Profound na? πŸ˜€Silver MistYes, yours is one of them. :DAnd yes, good thing you’re not an active blogger. Hehe. But you know you can always change the colours and become active. πŸ˜€DKYes, the colour combinations do make a difference but a lot of reading on dark backgrounds is still painful. RohitI do that anyway. :)Yeah, bright backgrounds can be equally painful, but toning down the brightness of your monitor? πŸ˜€


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