To Live For

3 thoughts on “To Live For”

  1. Absolutely….there are quite a few things that we say but dont make too much literal sense!Like in the case of this phrase it is usually used to show your passion to something. Not literally giving up your life…Games people play 🙂


  2. “To die for” is a rather casual phrase, no one really means that they will actually ‘die’ for something. “To live for” will be such a serious phrase! How many of us find the true purpose of our life, and then live for that? What will you answer, if I asked you earnestly, “What do you live for?”


  3. Bhaskar & SubhadipWhen I wrote this post, what I had in mind was not the casual use of ‘to die for’. I was thinking about the purpose of life that people talk about. The thing that you supposedly won’t mind giving up your life for. In a serious context. But yes, the things that you are saying are also just as valid. Subhadip, I honestly do not feel that strongly for any cause. But my family holds enough importance in my life for me to say that I want to live on. Therefore, nothing in the world is worth killing myself for.


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