Dates that have memories associated with them, irrespective of whether they were good or not, make me very uncomfortable these days.  Maybe it’s the age, or maybe it’s just my circle, but everyone around seems to be struggling with a change within.   How reactions to things have changed, how feelings for people have changed, … Continue reading Dated

All Yours.

A friend of 14 years is getting married. A friend with whom I once shared the concept of soulmate is getting married. A friend decided to get married but unfortunately the relationship ended right after she got engaged. A friend/classmate from a few years ago is also getting married. And so is another close friend. … Continue reading All Yours.


In these days of bearing a dead mind, I recently spared a thought for the zillions thoughts I have expressed on this blog. How with each passing year they have probably matured. At least in my head they did. And how with each passing year, the devils started sticking closer to me and my mind. … Continue reading Randomised