Monarchy of My Mind

I slept so late last night that I ended up missing the flag hoisting on campus, and later lunch at a friend’s home. It was a standard day spent alone in the room – first the loop, then some job hunt, some almonds, more of the loop, more sleep, and more of the loop. Then … Continue reading Monarchy of My Mind

Not So Dull

Why should dull be a bad word? # When everyone is hyper, somebody dull can actually be someone sane. # When the light is blinding, something dull can bring relief to the eyes. # Things that are dull can contrast well with most things pretty. Help me add to this, please. I am working on … Continue reading Not So Dull

Who’s the Judge?

I go through phases of liking, disliking, and back to liking the same people. Some people think that the disliking comes because I’m judgmental. So now I am wondering if being judgmental is also a subjective thing because I like to believe that I don’t indulge in that. This thing that I am mentioning about … Continue reading Who’s the Judge?


It’s incredible how people expect others to be proper, but jump to obscenity at the first opportunity they get! And then they say that they know how to handle situations. Truth is that they do not even look the other way to see what is happening. Sure, obscenity also has layers. It is always offfensive, … Continue reading Standards