Conflict & Paradox

I am unsure about how to word the thoughts that have been on my mind for almost a day now. But I’m still going to try, for I need to figure some things out for myself. What do you do when someone is not quite behaving ‘right’ with you, and it affects you?You may decide … Continue reading Conflict & Paradox


She loved that night… And she loved that drive. She loved that conversation… And she loved that song. She loved that thought… And she loved that touch. Magic is unreal… Wish pain was too. Continue reading Transported

Almost hysterical*

Did I ever write here about how well I manage to surprise myself? I’m beyond surprised right now. My hunches, and the ‘feeling’s that I get about things, are so unbelievably true that I am completely out of words right now. Actually, I am laughing. I’m laughing! At myself, at people, the situations, the circumstances…. … Continue reading Almost hysterical*

Life in the sky

There it was. Alone. Shining. There she was. Alone. Lying under the cloudy, starless sky. The moon was still gibbous. But it shone like it was ready to take on the world. And there were the clouds. The harmless, gray clouds. And the devilish, black ones too. She felt like there was a corny movie … Continue reading Life in the sky

A Crazy Trip

I did a most outrageous thing today. And it did not generate the kind of response I would have hoped for. It was a little out of character for me to do that, and the situation made me feel like going and hiding in a place that does not exist. I also got into the … Continue reading A Crazy Trip