Conflict & Paradox

4 thoughts on “Conflict & Paradox”

  1. what you untend to do and are doing is just a form of self defense with idea of safeguarding your innate self.Is there any way you can let the person know what you feel?DOnt't let any person knowingly or unknowingly ever hurt you, that's giving too much of power in other person's hands..Connect..Communicate…. :PU know Rich, i went through the same cycle and thought it would've been pointless to confront…It wasn't.. Tcare.Travel Safe πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Aarbee… communication is the key, if the person is a friend, talking (not giving a piece of your mind) is the best option. Happens many times, ….better flush it out of your mind, rather than let it decay and take control of your whole self…tk and have a good weekend aheadAsh


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