I went to Goa

I had a vague plan for this trip, and I didn’t go by it at all.Some things, some thoughts… I rode pillion on a bike. I let the wind make a mess of my hair. I didn’t mind the rain. The green reminded of days when I used to obsess about the colour. Pina coladas … Continue reading I went to Goa

Conflict & Paradox

I am unsure about how to word the thoughts that have been on my mind for almost a day now. But I’m still going to try, for I need to figure some things out for myself. What do you do when someone is not quite behaving ‘right’ with you, and it affects you?You may decide … Continue reading Conflict & Paradox

God Blessed

It were the happiest 24 hours in the longest time I can remember. Family made me happy. And this college’s erratic bull shit worked in my favour for the first time ever. Or so it seems for now. I can’t believe a superbly filmy part of my life. I can’t believe that I see it … Continue reading God Blessed