Dilli Se Kuch Fun

5 thoughts on “Dilli Se Kuch Fun”

  1. Haramkhor is not your word !!! comon !!!! copy cattttt !!!!And rattle of the roommate… maybe you should have the stories from your college under a blog called Rattle of the Roommates… i love these words !!! fantastic :PIn some thing you wear, well.. how aboutReshmi Salwar Kurta Jaali ka 😀


  2. He he… rattle of the roommate is the best! Haramkhor!?! – nehi chalega… kisi angle se “R” se shuru nehi ho raha hai!Ram Gopal Verma ki aag – yes, yes, I knew you would be deeply influenced 😛


  3. Prashant,Oyeee… haraam khor is totally my word! Aap hoge copy cat. Or copy cattttt !!!! :PHehe.. that's an interesting idea. 🙂 But I am not sure how much would I really have to write on a separate blog. Hahaa… thank god I do not wear reshmi salwars with jali ka kurtas! Eeeks! :PSubhadip,Arre wah! I never thought it would be appreciated so much. Not bad! :)Arre R se shuru hota hai na. H and A are almost silent. You wouldn't like me spelling it out to you in person, would ya? :PHello! I never even watched that movie. Thankfully.


  4. LOL! Nahi.. you're not getting it. Aapko ho kya gaya hai, you were never so slow. Ab dekho.. I'll explain. Honest mein H silent. But Opera ke peechhe koi H nahi hai. Both start with the O sound. Therefore, your ram ram starts with R only. Ok, child?:P


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