Flipping Through

Priyam tagged me in a post which took me to the time when I looked forward to blogging because of all the friends that I had made through this medium. I lost some, I kept many. About them, another day. For now, I am taking up the tag. I have done this multiple times in … Continue reading Flipping Through


I am utterly bored even though I have two more exams tomorrow. Therefore, nothing better than taking up a tag! 1. What is your current obsession?I have OCD. Let’s not go into my obsessions. 2. What are you wearing today?My standard room stuff – shorts and something white. 3. What’s for dinner?There was disappointing shreekhand … Continue reading Tagness

Dilli Se Kuch Fun

Subhadip tagged me in the hope that I will most likely pick the tag. He was right. So here I am.I need to use the first letter of my name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real – nothing made up. If the person before me had the same first … Continue reading Dilli Se Kuch Fun

In-class production

A tag I came across y’day… 1. My ex… which one? 2. Maybe I should… write cheeky responses here 😀 3. I love… men with scars on one of their eyebrows 4. People would say that… they do not assume anything about others 5. I don’t understand why people… put stories on PPTs. 6. When … Continue reading In-class production

People I know

On Subhadip’s request, I’m uploading this tag that I’d done on Facebook here as well. Here goes… The good friend: Mansi is the chaddi buddy. The slow one: Gopika is my roommate. The pimp: Priyanka was a junior in school who is one of the crudest forms of female species I’ve ever come across. The … Continue reading People I know