In-class production

12 thoughts on “In-class production”

  1. You stood for elections? I didn’t know that. For which post?The “my past is” answer really made me laugh out loud! “Juicy” is such a funny word. Hahaa… “I have a juicy past” hahaa, still finding it so funny. Try saying juicy ten times if someone here doesn’t get the joke :DA perfect life would be very boring, don’t you think? In fact, I’ve concluded that perfection is a state that doesn’t exist. If you were living in the perfect world and did have the perfect life… you would be so used to it and you’d take it so for granted, it wouldn’t seem perfect to you. Perfection’s more like the ideal that you only wish about but can never attain… so that even if you attain it somehow, you don’t feel it because once you’ve got it, it’s not the elusive desirable wish anymore. And yup, this conclusion is what I use to make me feel better about all sorts of imperfectnesses in my life. :)Has there been any tag/things about me sort of post of yours that doesn’t mention cats? I doubt it. You and cats are eternally linked. You can’t like them but you can’t get them out of your mind either, admit it!


  2. Yea, friends convinced me to stand. It was for the student council. :)And lol! The ‘my past is’ answer was a continuation of the 2nd one. I kept laughing while reading your comment. I can totally imagine how it made you crack up!! Hehee….And whoa! The perfect life was also a random thing I wrote. I know the concept itself doesn’t exist. In some sense, my life as of now is also perfect only. But on another level it is far from perfect. So it’s quite all right. Tu to philosophical ho gayi. :DAnd ahem. Ab wo to question tha bhai cats ke baare mein. I didn’t make up this tag. Jaise tha… fill kar diya. 😛


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