Flipping Through

Priyam tagged me in a post which took me to the time when I looked forward to blogging because of all the friends that I had made through this medium. I lost some, I kept many. About them, another day. For now, I am taking up the tag. I have done this multiple times in … Continue reading Flipping Through


My idea of time has become a little distorted over the past few days. If once I feel that a whole week just hopped past, another time I feel like the first half of a day was really really long ago. Life is nice and busy. The toxins are at a minimum. And I am … Continue reading Gulbandh


1. I went back to driving a car. 2. Met my newest blogger friend 🙂 3. Saw the sun rise. 4. Took Kanani around for good chaat in Delhi. 5. Wrote something worthwhile after really long! 6. Did some brainstorming too! 7. Deleted useless movies and music from my system. Swetha, still hold you responsible … Continue reading 10


Some social gatherings can be a little more than awkward. ___ You die of glee (maybe like you die of embarrassment?; only in a much happier sense.)**when somebody uses the word ‘diva’ for anything associated with your looks. I mean, just imagine a non-fashionable, geeky, I’m-too-lazy-to-give-a-damn-about-my-looks woman being at the receiving end of that! Of … Continue reading Coffee*