Welcome back to Pune

I have been off the internet for more than a week, and it is never really a great feeling to be away from an addiction for that long. The previous post here lay incomplete in my drafts for too long, but I decided to complete it and post it as on a previous date only. … Continue reading Welcome back to Pune

The Week That Was

Oh, it’s been a week already since I last wrote. My MiG’s somersaulting in the sky. What happened since last Thursday? Delhi got more humid.I saw blood.The creep admitted he is a chauvinist. Not in that many words, duh.I extracted the last drop of perfume from the bottle.I met Akash, Michelle, Deepak and Rohit.I also … Continue reading The Week That Was

In-class production

A tag I came across y’day… 1. My ex… which one? 2. Maybe I should… write cheeky responses here 😀 3. I love… men with scars on one of their eyebrows 4. People would say that… they do not assume anything about others 5. I don’t understand why people… put stories on PPTs. 6. When … Continue reading In-class production

I want to be rich

Two uber hot bags at Kudos today. One of them the happiest form of green. It was a degree hotter than what your imagination tells you. The other is what was gifted to me. I wanted both. BOTH!!Someday I shall buy the functional AND the fashionable things together. Store the gyaan for some other post, … Continue reading I want to be rich