The Week That Was

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was”

  1. Somebody asked you out? Sigh… what happened to the love of your life? :PBTW, MiG 35 is still in developmental stage (not commissioned yet). Don’t talk about your team losing a match after making it through to the semis… I will show you my team – the Kolkata Kite Runners.


  2. Ranjan,Hahaa… never thought this would generate this kind of curiosity! :DYou should answer your phone to know who it is. :PSubhadip,LOL! The love of my life deserves this for having responded the way he did when I declared my love. :DMY MiG is somersaulting. Bas!! Bhai aapke kite runners to do din se chhaye hue hain. Kya baat hai? ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. “Somebody asked me out. :P”i hope it wasnt the doctor who thinks u need serious help and consultancy or some other creep…..creep it has to be!!


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