And this.. and that

5 thoughts on “And this.. and that”

  1. You wrote “… slept while standing. In class”, and I was thinking you in the corner, face towards the wall, holding your ears, and dozing off :PWaking up to lobbying down in nine minutes? Wow! And finally… Photoshop! Et tu?


  2. That is why I am a copywriter. I hate the damn softwares. But yeah, people around me do bootylicious things on it. But that’s all I want to do with photoshop – and never learn or have to use it!FTII people are shitloads of fun. Make sure you get the guy to share some films with you guys as well. Their usual definition of a ‘classic’ is beyond the world we know.


  3. Sinjini…So you should also get an anti virus. Soon!!Achievement it was. :DSubhadip…Yea right! Last week to main class rep bhi thi. Aap kaisi baatein kar rahe ho? :PEt tu? Huh?Rohit…Yea man, people really do magic on it.FTII guys’ entire world is beyond the world we know. But right now I am pissed with everything related to audio visual classes. :-/Never mind.DK…Shall do.Thanks.


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