Innaiku ennaku porandha naal

10 thoughts on “Innaiku ennaku porandha naal”

  1. How awesome!!!No wonder you were so lost on the phone :PI tried called you an hr back but I guess you were keen on putting the time to better use :|Glad you had a great day!God Blessb.


  2. What?! My friends in Pune tell me there are tons of places one can chill at. Either they were lying or you guys are yet to discover things there!Glad to know you had fun. Who’s the guitar boy? And yeah, I am also curious about the certain someone lovingly called Booty.


  3. Bhaskar:-)Thanks, man! Phone wasn’t reachable the second time? Thanks for the wishes, once again. Appreciate it. :)Woodsmoke…Thanks. :)Subhadip…Haan haan, aap to roz hi rakhwa do mere liye aise chhutti.Booty is because one teacher decided to pronounce Chakraborty as Chakrabooty. :DButterfly…Thanks! And advance wishes to you.:)I think I had a McVeggie with fries and coke.Rohit…Guitar boy is a childhood friend, and Booty I just wrote about.Ask your friends and let me also know of those places. Most places here shut by midnight. Some more expensive ones are open till 1. And a few very expensive ones till 2.


  4. It was! But you did not answer it 😐 By the way did you store my number now? I guess you still have not and therefore you don’t know I called the second time 😛


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