Four Years Later

After much contemplation, I went to Pune this past weekend for my convocation ceremony. And well, I did everything except get the degree. Don’t ask why. It should suffice to know that systems fail in a lot of places. I flew via Bombay and experienced the city at leisure for the first time. Had always … Continue reading Four Years Later

The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

Relatives from outside of Delhi came over about a week in advance.A lot of chai happened even though the temperature was going through the roof.People noticed every single thing that the groom’s immediate family wore at every function.People checked me for not wearing make-up.Everyone danced like crrrrrazy. Danced to the beat of the dhol, live … Continue reading The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding


Nothing can be defined as ‘effort’ if not waking up at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. But like some efforts are totally worth every penny, or as I’d like to say, every minute of precious sleep, so was today’s for me! Daksh, my cousin, and I had planned a trip to Rajasthan for my … Continue reading Earthly