The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

5 thoughts on “The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding”

  1. haha Cool! the jealous relatives are my favorites. Once a distant maama/chaacha was bitching so much about every arrangement that he even bitched about something that he had arranged 🙂 That is still to date, my all time great Punjabi marriage moment.


  2. Typical wedding, hey! I am glad you had fun, chaos and all…:)Me and my brother traveled together from Canada for his wedding, and I went only for a week,out of those 7 days, 3 were taken up in transit…no sleep or rest, loads of work, and yeah the relatives! Lol!When I get married, it will be simple “phere-laawan” in the Gurudwara and langar after! Lol!But dance party zaroor howegi! Lol!


  3. bhabhi ko le aayi tum :)Mubarak ho :)Really enjoyed reading this post. :)@Jassu: main dance practice shuru kar dun kya? 😛


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