Rushing Through

I took the last flight out of Abu Dhabi so I could wrap up work in peace. By the time I reached home in Delhi it was nearly 5 am. Our appointment with the lawyer was for 10 am and the courts were nearly an hour away from home. That left me four hours to … Continue reading Rushing Through

The Bride*

One final time – I got married. The final of all weddings. The one after which I left my parents’ house and changed my life to start a new life and so on. It’s been a month since that happened. I know it seems like I now only note monthly updates around the wedding but … Continue reading The Bride*

For Life!

She thinks I am twisted and unpredictable. She has been clearer about what’s good for me and what’s not far more than I ever have. But just like me, she is not so great at managing her own shit. Enter Baiju Hindocha. I first heard his name and saw his picture in early 2010 when … Continue reading For Life!

Special Times

Apparently getting married is not easy. I have witnessed so many cases of people struggling, parents opposing, breakdowns happening and what not. But then there are many positive results too. I guess everyone just loves the drama. Case in point is Varun’s wedding. It took more than three years to get all approvals. Kind of … Continue reading Special Times