Big? Yes. Fat? Yes. Wedding? Yes Sir!

7 thoughts on “Big? Yes. Fat? Yes. Wedding? Yes Sir!”

  1. Tailors are the biggest villain of wedding days, that's just an established fact. Unapologetic, established fact.And seems like you actually are doing a LOT of the wedding details yourself. Being in a different city, I eventually surrendered, and let the “Kyonki yeh aise hi hota hai” line take over. Life is so much simpler, and so much more fun, when you stop giving a shit :PI can't wait to see your pics from the big day! Good luck you pretty pretty girl!!! :*


  2. Priyam – bahut saara pyaar!Shreya – it was tiring but I liked being part of all the details. Getting back to normal life slowly now. 🙂


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