Saw it coming

You know those dark clouds that you know you cannot escape? Except that they keep dodging you and you cannot tell when they will get you. I started 2012 with a terrible intuition. But it was less of intuition and more the anticipation for the dark clouds. Dad’s high BP and unacknowledgment of the issue … Continue reading Saw it coming


Last I visited Mysore was when I was one year old. I obviously had no memories of the place, but for a few pictures in the family album. And then came the news of a wedding there. Everybody was going. You know, my big fat extended Punjabi family? Everybody.  Three of us female cousins are … Continue reading Mysore


You know how people can be different in the way they look, think, act, talk, etc. My sister-in-law and I too are different in almost all respects. Especially as far as taste in shoes, clothes and bags is considered. If I drool over those big leather bags, she likes them shiny. If I like plain, … Continue reading Bling-in-Law

The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

Relatives from outside of Delhi came over about a week in advance.A lot of chai happened even though the temperature was going through the roof.People noticed every single thing that the groom’s immediate family wore at every function.People checked me for not wearing make-up.Everyone danced like crrrrrazy. Danced to the beat of the dhol, live … Continue reading The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

O Koi Gal Nai!

It is a little funny, but almost irritating to count the number of functions in a punju family wedding and figure each time that you’re still short on clothes even after having shopped like crazy! When the wedding was scheduled for April and was going to clash with my end sem exams, I had done … Continue reading O Koi Gal Nai!