The Jaipur Charm

I have never visited Jaipur even though it is pretty close to Delhi, and in spite of the fact that I have heard everybody finding something or the other that they love about the city. But guess what! I found something fun about the city without even visiting it. This morning, I left campus much … Continue reading The Jaipur Charm

The U.K. closer to home

The first time I was offered a trip to Rishikesh was in 2005 by Prashant. It took close to four years for me to make it happen for myself; it took close to 23 years for me to make a leisure trip without parental guidance with base as Delhi; and the feeling…. :)… let’s not … Continue reading The U.K. closer to home

Thursday Night Laughs

8:45 pmEn route to the mess. Aakash and Ritesh. Madness. 9:15 pmIn the mess. Aakash, Ridhima and Akshay. Madness. 9:55 pmSitting area outside the hostels. Aakash, Ridhima, Venky, Swetha, Vrinda, Ruhi, Debanjana. Complete madness. 10:30 pmAt the coffee shop. Sahil, Ridhima, Vrinda, Debanjana, Ruhi, Swetha, Robin. Died laughing. Madness didn’t stop. 11:00 pmOutside the girls’ … Continue reading Thursday Night Laughs