This is what happened…

6 thoughts on “This is what happened…”

  1. Wow! Maybe Anders should recommend this guide post for a tour to Ajanta and Ellora!You did crib, but you didn’t cry! I think my concern about a rookie single female traveler’s safety is justified from some of your comments in the post. Imagine the situation if you were alone there!Once again wonderful trip log… hope to see more in near future 🙂


  2. Now this was like I was traveling !!! simply simply put and simply beautifully written and documented !!!Some very nice pictures, and interesting information as well.. just a thought, do you carry pepper spray with you? if not, get one !!! keep it with you !!!


  3. SubhadipOh yes, he should. :)Well, I thought the cribbing was very close the crying. But I can only be glad if you didn’t think that way. I know your concern was justified… but it is annoying to admit that it is a reality. That’s all.Once again… thank you. I hope to write more in the near future too. 🙂OMI’ll have to admit that after I completed this post I was reminded of the many such posts that have come up on your blog. :)Thanks hai waise. I used to carry one… but don’t remember when I stopped doing that. Guess it should go back into my bag. Point noted.Akshay😀 Thankeee!!


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