Paris Je Taime

The UK’s August bank holiday always falls between C’s and my birthdays, giving us reason to do something interesting every year. For the 2015 one, we planned Paris. It was the first trip C and I made together after our wedding. There were two primary reasons for doing that – C really liked the city … Continue reading Paris Je Taime


I usually do a recap of the year every December. But since I haven’t written much this year, this recap is really going to be about me trying hard to recall the details – big and small – before they fade with memory.  Since it’s a long list and since the blog post number has … Continue reading 2015


The last few months have drained all the energy out of me. Work doesn’t seem to end. Negativity seems to have grown. There isn’t enough mind space to even control the mind. Mother pointed out that I have stopped talking. And while all this goes on, one day I got a craving to see the … Continue reading 27