First of its kind

7 thoughts on “First of its kind”

  1. Nice…. so glad that you finally made it :)The pics are candid, shows how much fun you had. I like the close-up portraits of Priyam and you, I think they are one of the best angles for both of you.Waiting for the stories and more pics 🙂


  2. The pictures look even better on the blog Reitcha !! And my photography actually got appreciation =)One of the best trips I ve taken in my life, thank you Richa.


  3. o!bete… je to sahi hai !!! three lovely ladis roaming around in the caves :)proud of you my girl for making this trip !!!and did I tell you that the pictures were funn?


  4. Priyam🙂 Yea, I love the pictures too. And well, you’re most welcome. Just learn to walk a little quicker. 😛DK🙂 thanks.TaniaHehe… yea, you must go. They’re fun places. But what rule did I break? :OOMSahi hai na ekdum?! :)Thanks hai aapko. 🙂


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