Special Friends

A lot is said and written about relationships. Several stories and articles are shared online. Many of them are heartfelt and well-meant. Most often, I read, appreciate and move on. But this one article I read a few days ago has stayed with me. The words resonated, the feelings seemed genuine and most importantly, I … Continue reading Special Friends

To Another Seven Years!

Early afternoon was chaotic….Enter calmness: Ruhi Jhunjhunwala. Thing were smooth thereon. I consider myself lucky for the friends I have, especially the ones whom I’ve managed to keep beyond a ‘relevant social context’. Miss Jhunjhunwala is one of them. She and I think and feel alike, our reactions to difficult situations as well as movie … Continue reading To Another Seven Years!

Beloved Visitors

CheChe (coined in today’s mint) My first visitor here! While his trip itself was short, he made the initial days in the city tad easier. Sent me flowers, listened to my endless stories of being lost in the streets, encouraged me through every disastrous hour in the kitchen, gave me tips on navigating the supermarkets … Continue reading Beloved Visitors

For Life!

She thinks I am twisted and unpredictable. She has been clearer about what’s good for me and what’s not far more than I ever have. But just like me, she is not so great at managing her own shit. Enter Baiju Hindocha. I first heard his name and saw his picture in early 2010 when … Continue reading For Life!