Act II

# I have been having cold coffee every night for a few nights now. # I tried my hand at table tennis. Will learn in the coming months. # Buying a badminton racket tomorrow. # Still suck at carrom. I remember never enjoying it because I am terrible at striking that thing! # Went for … Continue reading Act II

People’s Person?

I have always associated the cliche ‘people’s person’ with myself, but over the past seven months I completely forgot what that feels like. I reduced myself to a closed self, or a maximum of one on one with very few close friends. I just didn’t remember what groups were like. I didn’t remember what I … Continue reading People’s Person?

Weekend Story

One mad friend flies down from Hyderabad, and a madder extended weekend follows… A loooong afternoon in a hair salon, non-stop shopping for two days, weight-conscious diets, completely transformed behaviour in front of a camera, nail paint explosions, talks of the good ol’ days, lots of laughter, a little whining, and well, a lot of … Continue reading Weekend Story