Act II

8 thoughts on “Act II”

  1. And why do u want the Bongs to shut up? :-xCarrom is a lovely game!Tasty chhole day…This just reminds me that dinner time is very near! I am hungry…Why didn’t you take pictures of the moon though?


  2. THOSE Bongs – a set of irritating people here. They can’t get over Bengal and expect the entire world to be like them. Unreasonable behaviour.


  3. I can only hope THOSE bongs are not reading your blog and so haven’t come across your post. :)I am intrigued by them and their behavior though. Or is it in the nature of majorities of any kind to be offensive by definition?


  4. Woodsmoke..I hope so too. :)I don’t think it is in the behaviour of majorities because it is a fact that Bongs are in a huge majority here, and even in the industry that I am going to join, but a lot of them are nice and friendly people. In fact, I am even trying to learn bits of their language. So it’s just a set of obnoxious people who bug me. :-/


  5. Well , unfortunate as it is , one of ‘THOSE BONGS’ has come across this blog and is taking offence . Just an opinion , but Delhi people go CP , Dilli Haat , GK Market , Sabhyata,Gol gappe ,CNG riksghaws , Air conditioned metros all the time … Us Bongs dont complain , no matter how unreasonable the behaviour .


  6. At least write your name. And I do not see any harm in having an opinion which is not anonymous. Because if you read further, I have also written that I have Bong friends and I like them. There are some that I don’t, and I do not give a damn if you are one of them and have a problem.


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