I Take Offence

Today we had a session on social change communication jazz by a man whose looks and first few words spoke of fundamentalist and idealist views. Very close to a typical JNU person, if I may say so. Nothing wrong with that – my patience levels are growing, and I can respect your opinion if you … Continue reading I Take Offence

Act II

# I have been having cold coffee every night for a few nights now. # I tried my hand at table tennis. Will learn in the coming months. # Buying a badminton racket tomorrow. # Still suck at carrom. I remember never enjoying it because I am terrible at striking that thing! # Went for … Continue reading Act II

Random Play

My corridor. The room at the end is mine. 223. 🙂 Seminar Hall 01 I saw the most beautiful post-sunset sky ever today. There is a helipad on campus and I had never visited it before today. It is obviously on the edge of the campus with the entire view of the valley from its … Continue reading Random Play