I Take Offence

5 thoughts on “I Take Offence”

  1. those who believe that they can talk all day and get away by not doing any work. I know the types.. they are rampant in every B school I guess, called ‘Free Riders. Don’t do any work… damn pissing off.Oh and you should see the way they come rushing in to hog the limelight. 😡


  2. IshaniYea, man! Not just in B Schools, they are ALL over! And don’t even talk about limelight! Imagine what the extent must be in this MEDIA school. :-/SubhadipWo bhi hai, Yoda. :-/Aap sach mein bhejoge??? 😀 😀


  3. I just don’t understand how those people, who only talk without working, get away with it every time! Its the innnocent and honest folks who fall in trouble!


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