When EOD is 6:00 pm, it feels good!

11 thoughts on “When EOD is 6:00 pm, it feels good!”

  1. You tend to discover so many things about yourself once you are away from home!Keep going! I know this place would be full of fun-filled experiences in the months to come :)Enjoy life to the fullest…


  2. Finally, net access!The photography classes (both the insti one and the private one) sound Very Cool. I’m sure that’s your favourite class as of now. Do put up the pics you take.And wow, you getting sooo busy already. Enjoy the madness 🙂


  3. BhaskarTrue!I hope it is. Thanks a ton. 🙂KaranI’ll say hello tomorrow if I spot you. 🙂DeepakYo! How’s SCM? Or you’re somewhere else?AmiyaYea, finally!!I don’t have a fav class as yet. Maybe the pvt photography class – hmm, maybe. :)Totally enjoying the madness. Thanks. 😀


  4. You didn’t realise that you were a clean freak earlier?? Wasn’t cleaning tables at Dominos indication enough? 🙂 You have started using terms like EOD… you really are learing management quickly. Sucky thing, that lappy though and it’s a new one too.


  5. TarunHee hee.. if it helps, it wasn’t. This is different. :PEOD is a hangover from office. This place isn’t too jargon-y yet.Yea, that was a sucky thing. It’s good to see you here. I miss you terribly. Love you!


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