Window View

While I lay sprawled on my bed with the laptop sitting in front, an unconscious gaze out the window with a half-drawn curtain made for the most beautiful moment of the day. I am not sure if that was for the previous day, or for the day that was to begin, but the 5:00 am … Continue reading Window View


If there was another thing which I believe I would never have done if not here in Pune, it was last night’s experience. Some incident in the recent past made the illegal dhabas at the foot of our hill a little inaccessible. So now one needs to walk down the hill, exit the campus, and … Continue reading Threesome

Life in the sky

There it was. Alone. Shining. There she was. Alone. Lying under the cloudy, starless sky. The moon was still gibbous. But it shone like it was ready to take on the world. And there were the clouds. The harmless, gray clouds. And the devilish, black ones too. She felt like there was a corny movie … Continue reading Life in the sky

Thursday Night Laughs

8:45 pmEn route to the mess. Aakash and Ritesh. Madness. 9:15 pmIn the mess. Aakash, Ridhima and Akshay. Madness. 9:55 pmSitting area outside the hostels. Aakash, Ridhima, Venky, Swetha, Vrinda, Ruhi, Debanjana. Complete madness. 10:30 pmAt the coffee shop. Sahil, Ridhima, Vrinda, Debanjana, Ruhi, Swetha, Robin. Died laughing. Madness didn’t stop. 11:00 pmOutside the girls’ … Continue reading Thursday Night Laughs