Experience of a Lifetime

8 thoughts on “Experience of a Lifetime”

  1. khi khi khi…funny post!this is strange..know what just this morning I was remembering some of my fav hindi films including Andaaz apna apna…both me and my cousin kept cracking jokes(dialogues) from the movie…and my domestic help was amused becoz i kept addressing her as 'tilu' all morning.. πŸ˜€


  2. Such a funny movie…funniest movie ever. Can you imagine that although I had heard of it I hadn't seen it. :OI eventually saw it this December…courtesy of a special friend!


  3. Rhapsody,That's a funny coincidence! :)Tiluuu!! Hee hee! Loved it, man!!Jas,I am SO happy for you now that you've seen it!! :-)OM,Kya hua bhai? πŸ™‚


  4. My vote to this post!!My vote to Rahul Kumar, the organiser of the event which had the largest voluntary audience in the history of SIMC!'Gogo Ji aapka Ghagra' is by far the funniest dialogue ever written!=D


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