I Might Miss This Hill

5 thoughts on “I Might Miss This Hill”

  1. Papa kehte hain bada naam karega!beta hamara aisa kaam karega!magar ye to!koi na jaaneke meri manzil.. hai kahan… :)Dream Dream! Most are bound to come true!


  2. I had a strange experience today, myself. Was sitting in the canteen and there was just the rays of the setting sun through the pillars of the SIMC block, and no one in the vicinity. Wasnt dreamy, but just the fact that 2 months later, we would all be so far away from this place, its sunsets, mad rains and it all. A strange feeling.


  3. Wished upon a lot of shooting stars while in JNU…surprisingly haven't seen any on this side of the world… too much lighting…takes away the charm of star gazing and incidentally coming across shooting stars…making a wish…Enjoy your time in school, that is one of the best phases of life, to be cherished forever. Good luck and God bless.


  4. Rhapsody,:)OM,:) Amen!Priyam,Hmm…Jas,Hmm… JNU! I never saw it during my 21 years in the city. But JNU campus is different. :)Thanks for the wishes. 🙂


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