Monarchy of My Mind

7 thoughts on “Monarchy of My Mind”

  1. I love the old “Mile sur mera tumhara”…there is a new version????I need to renew mine end of February as well!My grandfather of a laptop (8 years old! I love it, it works better than new!) has faded keys now…the E looks like an F and the T looks like an I!!!


  2. I DON'T like the new Mile Sur Mera Tumahara.Did you know that it was on January 26, 1986, that the song, 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara' first aired on Doordarshan and the man behind the song…the visionay was the famous ad man Late Suresh Mullick…and that Piyush Pandey,exe. chairman and NCD of Ogilvy India, worked with Mullick on this video? In fact, it was young Piyush who came up with the line, 'Mile sur mera tumhaara'. šŸ™‚


  3. Jas,Yes, there is a new disappointing version. :-/Wow! 8 years is a long long time! Nice ya!Rhapsody,Knew parts of that. And you're clearly a media professional, what with dedicated afaqs reading! :)What do you do?


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