It’s All New

11 thoughts on “It’s All New”

  1. MF :-DThe view is really nice! And the room looks spacious. I am sure the breeze is nice too… after all the breeze is always nice “in the hills”.Good to see you back here!


  2. hey the view is lovely…….u shud enjoy ur stay there and forget abt the crowded cities for a while…….2 yrs later u will in any case have to be in one of the mega cities only……..good luck πŸ™‚


  3. Superb! Can’t wait to see more and read more about the place. πŸ™‚ The view for sure is splendid – hope you are going to be able to capture it in various moods. I hope they don’t get into media history and media concerned issues. That time of the day would really suck for you. Really.


  4. SubhadipπŸ™‚DKHehee… thanks.SinjiniThanks a ton! πŸ™‚RohitHey, thanks. Will try to update regularly.The padhai is nice. They are not going into any boring stuff. Have more of practicals on those subjects. Recording a radio jingle next week. :)Hope you’re well.


  5. That view from the train is breathtakingly spectacular. Awesome shot. The room’s cool too. Bschools have nice rooms ya, much better than those typical hostel rooms I’m used to seeing.Hope you could get some time off to yourself over the weekend. Or was it jam packed too?


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