It’s All New

Disconnected from the world. Feels a little strange. But there really is no time. I don’t have time to miss home. It is strange. The weather is keeping me unbelievably happy. The breeze is a constant here. Rain, sun, cold… they all change. Breeze is supercool! The faculty is much better than I expected it … Continue reading It’s All New

Shady’s Back!!

After six traumatic days, I am back!! I can sleep again. I knew that bloody CAT could not have been the reason. It was some dumb pills that I was prescribed. Side effects: nervousness and insomnia. Grr. Didn’t they know that any more nervousness would just result in a breakdown here! Buggers. Oh I love … Continue reading Shady’s Back!!


I have completed one month in the new world and I am still exploring. Everything is fancy, and I can enjoy it subject to the condition of hard work and high level of discipline. Erm…doesn’t sound too bad. Let us just make it a little bad: …subject to the orders of a firang management! Ah, … Continue reading Wonderland

At Tower A

Until today I didn’t know how good a Friday could make one feel. Getting into a pair of jeans in the morning felt like heaven. I felt like I was going back to college. Planning the weekend and then talking about it felt different. I literally have the next two days packed with things to … Continue reading At Tower A