Shady’s Back!!

5 thoughts on “Shady’s Back!!”

  1. Aarbee, good to hear that you can sleep again! Though, I’d recommend using up your rediscovered energy for things other than fighting elephants. As far as maths goes, this shady chap may be good, but I doubt if he can match up to your logical ability skills. Although, the bottomline is that you seem happy… as Metallica says… nothing else matters!


  2. WandererHehe… yeah, elephants are nice. I don’t need to fight them. So plan cancel ho gaya. :DYeah right! Shady teaches me both. I don’t know how his brain works. Bloody. :PAnd yes, I agree, nothing else matters. 🙂B. O’HemianI’ve never seen you like this! :DWill do. Thanks. :-)Aur ye sab log gaane kyun ga rahe hain bhai?


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