The 12th State

My latest addition to the very slowly moving list of states that I’ve stepped foot in is Rajasthan. I know it is almost shocking that having lived in Delhi for the longest time I could never venture a couple of hundred kilometres into the west. But whadyaknow! It just happens sometimes. Finally it was Ridhima’s … Continue reading The 12th State

The Low Notes

This past month was long. Longer than it ought to be. Longer than I liked it to be. And I am glad it is over.  Some noteworthy things included: # Three good Sundays with my camera doing some good work # Ridhima’s wedding in Jaipur # My parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary # Bhaiya and Megha’s … Continue reading The Low Notes

Change of Plans

I have decided to buy the house before buying the car.  The white dream! About ten years ago I used to fantasize about the big red car. But everyone has a big red car now. And this one’s the latest on my list of fancies. I’m guessing something better will come out by the time … Continue reading Change of Plans

The Romantic Life

So it rained in NCR today. Some people found the weather to be gloomy. But I loved it. It’s the onset of winter! Then later a different conversation started with a colleague about how picturesque the Pune campus was. And then the thought triggered. About how spending 13 years in the most awesome school, or … Continue reading The Romantic Life