All Yours.

A friend of 14 years is getting married. A friend with whom I once shared the concept of soulmate is getting married. A friend decided to get married but unfortunately the relationship ended right after she got engaged. A friend/classmate from a few years ago is also getting married. And so is another close friend. … Continue reading All Yours.


This is about the last one year. The newness. The developments. The closures. The learning. The independence. The adaptations. A new me – with the old one. I am a lot more independent today than I was a year ago. It may sound obvious, but I know of people who have not experienced this change.I … Continue reading Metamorphosis

Secret Confessions

It was almost like a trip of a lifetime. Especially because I had not done anything remotely close to that ever before. And also because I am sure I will not be doing anything like that ever again. At least in the same circumstances. Nothing about it was easy. Schedules, permissions, availabilities, time, money… nothing. … Continue reading Secret Confessions

Life in the sky

There it was. Alone. Shining. There she was. Alone. Lying under the cloudy, starless sky. The moon was still gibbous. But it shone like it was ready to take on the world. And there were the clouds. The harmless, gray clouds. And the devilish, black ones too. She felt like there was a corny movie … Continue reading Life in the sky