Secret Confessions

5 thoughts on “Secret Confessions”

  1. Wish you had more time in Kolkata .. whatever whoever says.. I ve hardly seen a city with more life and joy =)Some other time , im hoping… I get to show you around !


  2. Aah… now I know why three of your friends…Ok, I will let Ma know how appreciated the “meetha” was. Waise, it's normal – after all we are Bengalis! Oh, and I don't stay in Howrah, I stay in Bhawanipur!And about the bouquet of flowers in the train: You have to be Richa or Atul or one of the strangers from that compartment of the train to know how wide open my mouth was when it happened :)I am glad you made this trip – kudos to your effort.


  3. Priyam,Let's hope so. :)Subhadip,Ahem. Yes, please do let your mom know that. Sorry about the mix-up about the name. Bhawanipur it is!And about the bouquet of flowers in the train: I think I will grin about that moment for the rest of my life. :-)Thanks…


  4. My brotherly love for Subhadip increased exponentially last August. I spent four days with him. I love his mother. She's always smiling, makes the yummiest rotis (yeah man, rotis can be yum too) – and because of her, I had the world's best aloo posto. She's unbelievably sweet.He showed me around like no one ever can. Next time you're in Cal, make sure you spend at least two days with him. Tell him to bunk work so he can throw stories and facts at you while moving around. Thanks to him, my Cal trip after a week-long shoot schedule wasn't tiring.He was also sweet-er than I thought to make me Maggi at around 3 am. Kudos to the Bengali man.


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