The last 20 days!

A bus to Mumbai.A flight to Kolkata.A train to Jamshedpur.A cab to Ajanta.Favourite pizza at Domino’s.Rum and coke.Red roses.CorelDRAW.Country profiling.Farooq Sheikh.Innumerable ads.Gaenda phool.Dev D.Bonding.Fights.Elections.Being broke.Moods.Washing clothes.And a lot more… It has been an extremely exciting month so far, and with each incident/experience… there are so many emotions I’ve gone through that the sense of being … Continue reading The last 20 days!


I met Karan after three years yesterday. One person who has completely transformed over the years, but has retained the charm and sweetness. He was one of my bestest friends in school, but time and space never let us meet while we were both in the same part of the world. I shifted to Pune, … Continue reading Entangled

It’s All New

Disconnected from the world. Feels a little strange. But there really is no time. I don’t have time to miss home. It is strange. The weather is keeping me unbelievably happy. The breeze is a constant here. Rain, sun, cold… they all change. Breeze is supercool! The faculty is much better than I expected it … Continue reading It’s All New

Don’t ask why…

It is all a little too inconsequential but is still a little overpowering. Because when the poetry mode starts taking over, it almost acts as an indicator. An indicator that doesn’t initiate any action, but more thinking. Not that then it means that it is of any help, but whatever.I sit and give gyaan for … Continue reading Don’t ask why…