*all the sounds that I made in the last one minute*

6 thoughts on “*all the sounds that I made in the last one minute*”

  1. it is by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar the best feeling in the world to get appreciated, by anyone, so if comes from someone who matter woooohhhhhooooooo 🙂 u deserve every bit of it coming ur way cuz ur actually worth it…as far as the things not happ bit, they nvr will if u plan them out…theres a kick in being impulsive in life tat no plan will ever match…u wanna do sumthin,just do it, the rest will follow…other than tat, the hill is crazy, its tiring, and its the same damn place everyday but its home and we’re all here with u :)kudos on the good work again


  2. RanjanTotally agree with you!Plans vs impulse is an eternal fight. This time I tried planning my impulse too but people here thought that I have lost it and will do something crazy. So they didn’t leave me alone at all. :-/Yes, the hill is crazy and I am very happy to have you all around. 🙂SubhadipWow! hai na? :DThanku..RohitWell, one was a complete business plan on an MNC launching its product here.Another one was on propaganda and its analysis. The last one was a PR campaign on promotion of hockey in India.Good news it was. 😀


  3. Hey, that’s so cool, having your presentations appreciated right and left! 🙂 Hope there are many more of such days.[I’m reeeally out of the blog mode these days, that’s why no comments. Hopefully will get the mode back on soon :)]


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